Andrea has been a part of my team for many years. She is very dedicated to both her clients and their horses. She looks at every horse as an individual and works on him/her accordingly. She makes a point of spending as much time as necessary with each horse and communicates with all the people involved on what she finds. The horses love her and our successes prove that.

Sandy Ferrell
Showman, owned by Krista and Alexa Wiseman

I believe choosing the team that surrounds my horses is the most important part of my job as an owner. Andrea has been an integral part of my horse's team since she began her practice. Her unique insight into each horse and her resulting massage therapy program adds noticeable value to their comfort and performance.

Debbie Bass
Maypine Farm
Anderson (left) and Truman (right), ridden by Christopher Payne

Andrea has worked on Piper at several of the Spring and Summer shows in Virginia. He seems very relaxed and ready to perform after she works on him. Any soreness and tension that I may have felt prior to the appointment seems to be gone afterwards. He seems to really enjoy her visits.

Kim Shuler
Piper, ridden by Kim Shuler (left) and Chris Wynne (right)

I have been using Andrea Stuehr as my Equine Massage Therapist for over seven years. I have seen such an improvement in my horses' movement and attitudes both in and out of the show ring. I recently had one of my horses on a layup for several months. Without Andrea's help, his recovery time would have been quite a bit longer! I like to have my horses see Andrea at least once a month and more often during show season. My horses are athletes, just like football players, and should receive the benefit of a good massage therapy as often as they can. I know this will extend their show ring years and keep them happy and healthy. When they see Andrea walk into the barn they get so excited and thoroughly enjoy their time with her. I cannot give high enough praise for the work that Andrea does on my horses. She is absolutely FABULOUS at what she does and takes her time with each and every horse she works on. I can honestly highly recommend Andrea to any horse owner, no matter what discipline you use your horses for. She is amazing!!!!!!

Lisa Stone

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